Sunday, October 26, 2008

80 cent purse

this is my 80 cent purse that can be whipped together in an hour or two. I bought the bright red yarn from Unique Thrift store for 80 cents and I already had the brown yarn that my grandmother gave to me. So, it was the cheap way to go!

it's super easy especially since it involves no seams (seamless purse). I didn't really have much of a pattern to go off of, although I kind of went off of this website. It's mostly half double crochet in circles.

i thought about crocheting a cute red flower or heart for the brown part, but Scott thought it would be cheezy. I think he's right.

it's a pretty big purse, or you could call it a bag.


Katie said...

it's so cute! I love those colors, hint hint.

suzanne said...

I love all your projects! You definately have a creative eye!

Casey said...

cute! great job! can't believe you did it in just an hour or two!